Planktonic Formaniferal Study of Fort-Munro Formation at Bara Nala Section, Jamshoro, Sindh

  • Humaira Naz Khan
  • Danial Kolachi
  • Mujeeb ur Rahman Khaskheli
  • Kashif Memon
  • Shabab Ali Khan
Keywords: Fort-Munro Formation; Bara Nala; Globotruncana


The Planktonic Foraminiferal study was carried out on Fort-Munro Formation at the Bara Nala section of Lower Indus Basin. 62 samples were taken from the former formation with the interval of the 5 feet. Following certain procedures of sample preparing came with the results of the Age of the area with definite planktonic zones. The true definition of the planktonic zones was not applicable in the present area because of the lower contact of the formation is not exposed. Many well-known Globotruncana species of cretaceous age were identified with four Planktonic zonal Foraminiferal species. On the basis of planktonic assemblage and following zonal scheme the assigned age of Fort-Munro formation is early Santonian to middle Maastrichtian, the upper part of the formation is younger than the lower part.