Effect of Two Cabbage Varieties on Fitness of Plutella Xylostella under Controlled Conditions

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Riaz Hussain
Muhammad Farooq Nasir
Zahid Akram
Muhammad Sajid Qureshi


The development, survival, and reproduction of diamondback moth (DBM), Plutella xylostella (L.), were studied under controlled conditions on two cabbage varieties Asha and Golden acre. Larvae of Plutella xylostella survived successfully on both cabbage varieties, although maximum survival percentage (85.42 %) was documented on Golden acre and minimum (75.25 %) recorded on Asha. The developmental period ranged from 15.09±0.25 d on Asha to 13.46±0.21 d on Golden acre. The longest adult longevity and reproduction period were recorded on Golden acre while maximum fecundity being also documented on Golden acre. Mean generation time was longest on Asha. In addition, intrinsic rates of population increase were maximum on Golden acre and minimum on Asha. It is concluded that the Golden acre variety was documented as the most susceptible variety for Plutella xylostella.

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