Bio-Effectiveness of Certain Pesticides against Chilo Partellus (Swinhoe), Maize Stem Borer

  • Hira Mannan Shaikh
  • Razique Ali Nahiyoon
Keywords: Bio-effectiveness, Pesticides, Chilo partellus


The field experiment has been conducted to study the bio-effectiveness of chlorantraniliprole 20 SC, novaluron 10 EC, flubendiamide 480 SC, deltamethrin 2.8 EC, and carbofuran 3G against maize stem borer, Chilo partellus at Bux Ali Agriculture farm Khaisana Mori, Near Tandojam Sindh, during Kharif 2019. The minimum and maximum mean % infestation (10.60 and 72.60) as well as mean % dead heart (3.75 and 23.50) were recorded in chlorantraniliprole 20 SC @ 0.3 ml/l followed by carbofuran 3G @ 7 kg/ha and untreated control, respectively.