Status of Chelonia Mydas (Green Sea Turtles) At Hawke’s Bay, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Keywords: Green sea turtle, Hawke’s bay Karachi, Nesting, Hatching, Pakistan


Chelonia mydas (green sea turtle) is an endangered turtle species and vanishing from oceans at faster pace. In order to check the factors responsible for its elimination a study was conducted to record current status of Chelonia mydas as well as its main habitat at “Hawke’s bay” Karachi. Several surveys were done in sunset to late night to observe the nesting condition of green sea turtles and problem it faced during hatching. Results of present study demonstrated that high rate of pollution; existence of large number of predators; human encroachment and disturbance at Hawke’s bay Karachi are main factors behind the decline of this species. Implementing the conservation efforts and educating the local people is need of time to conserve this species at Hawke’s bay.