Susceptibility of Different Sugarcane Varieties (Sachcharum Officinarum) against Pyrilla (Pyrilla Perpusilla) in District Rahimyar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

Keywords: Susceptibility, Saccharum officinarum, Pyriila perpusilla Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab


The sugarcane is a member of the genus Saccharum and family Poaceae. It is an important cash crop of Pakistan. Pyrilla perpusilla, Wlk. (Homoptera: Lophopidae) is one of the most destructive sugarcane pest in Punjab, Pakistan. Pyrilla perpusilla can suck the phloem sap of leaves and excretes honeydew on foliage leading to fungal diseases finally affecting the yield of sugarcane. There are many varieties of sugarcane cultivated in Punjab but in present studies UP234, UP235, CPF237, UP272, CP70, J69 and UP268 varieties have been discussed. The whole study carried out in field of Mouza Gahina Lar, District Rahimyar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan from April 2016 to December 2016. In present study the effects of leaf hopper Pyrilla perpusilla infestation on seven different varieties of sugarcane from April to December were observed. The various parameters relating to height, number of leaves and internodes, length of internodes, quantity of juice, brix (sugar contents) and yield of plants were recorded. In this work the maximum infestation of Pyrilla perpusilla was observed on UP234 with 102.2 adults per plant while minimum infestation on UP268 with 17.7 adults per plant was recorded. Maximum number of Pyrilla perpusilla was noted during April, May and August during day time. In remaining months pest population size decreased due to environmental factors on each variety of sugarcane under research. Present study reveals that sugarcane variety UP234, UP235 and CPF237 are more susceptible as compared to UP272, CP70, UP286 and J69 to leaf hopper Pyrilla perpusilla. Out of 7 varieties of sugarcane UP272 and J69 are more resistant to Pyrilla perpusiila infestation and showed minimum loss in yield as compared to rest varieties of sugarcane. In present work overall effects of leaf hopper Pyriila perpusilla on selected varieties of sugarcane was recorded.