Preliminary Studies on Curculionoidea (Insecta: Coleoptera) of Kannur, Kerala India

Keywords: Curculionoidea, agro ecosystems, Kannur district, predators, pests, scavengers, pollinators, vectors, diseases.


The present study is a preliminary attempt to document the Curculionoidea weevils from different agro ecosystems of Kannur district, Kerala. Being the largest superfamily of weevils, they play important role in the ecosystem as predators, pests, scavengers, pollinators, and vectors that transmit plant diseases. Collection of these group was made by using standard hand net, hand picking and light traps; for a period of seven months from February 2019 to August 2019. The specimens were collected from four different sites including Taliparamba, Kannadiparamba, cheleri and Thottada of Kannur district, Kerala. From this study Curculionoidea belonging to Five families were obtained. They include Curculionidae, Dryophthoridae, Brentidae, Anthribidae and Attelabidae. Of these Curculionidae was the dominant family with maximum number of species. Least number of species were obtained for the family Anthribidae and Attelabidae. Also, the comparative study between the four study sites shows maximum Shannon and Simpson index at Kannadiparamba (1.245 & 0.6756) and minimum at Taliparamba (0.8487 & 0.438 respectively).