Knowledge Based Awareness and Trends of Breast Feeding in the Light of Holy Quran

Keywords: Survey, Females, knowledge, Awareness, Trends, breast milk Holy Quran. Urban -Rural, Sukkur


This is a survey-based Article conducted from Sukkur and Khairpur Districts of Sindh, Pakistan with the help of girls/females belongs to the concerned cities as well as our self. For this survey a questionnaire prepared and asked the questions from the females having the child below than 3 years of age. The main objective of survey is to know knowledge, Awareness, Trends of mothers giving breast milk to their children in the light of Holy Quran. In this connection interviewed females according to questionnaire to ascertain their infant feeding and some other information were collected from the mothers like age at marriage, Age at first birth of child, literacy of Holy Quran, literacy other than Holly Quran, period of mother feeding, average number of children’s up to childbearing age, distribution of mother by birth urban and rural areas.