A Zoonotic Trematode Infection in an Imported Goldfish, Carassius Auratus

  • AYESHA SHAFIQ Department of Zoology, University of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan
  • ASIF MANZOOR School of Zoology, Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan
  • ZAFAR IQBAL Department of Zoology, University of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan
Keywords: Centrocestus formosans,Dactylogyrus,ichthyobodo necatrix, pathogen, FAO,


The study was conducted for evaluation of parasite in goldfish and rainbow shark. Fifty fish samples goldfish (n= 40) were examined. Different parasites were recorded in goldfish such as Dactylogyrus sp, Centrocestus formosans, and unidentified metacerceria, Gyrodactylus, ichthyobodo necatrix and tetrahymena. In 38 fishes out of forty in goldfish. A total of 7,407 parasites were recorded. Most of the parasites were at the tips and middle part of the gills. The infection level having prevalence in goldfish was Centrocestus formosans 87.5%, Dactylogyrous sp. was 95%, gyrodactylus was 01%, Ichthyobodo necatrix also called costia was 05%, tetrahymena 2.5%. Experiments were conducted in June to August 2018, and prevalence of parasites was compared with Annahita (2017) that primarily focus on prevalence of Centrocestus formosans.