Determination of condensed tannin, total gossypol concentration and population build up of Jassid, Amrasca (Devastans Dist.) Biguttula Biguttula (Ishida) in different cotton lines

  • Fateh Muhammad Kanher
  • Taj Muhammad Jahangir
  • Saeed Ahmed Tunio
  • Raja Riaz Hassan Awan
  • Abdul Manan Shaikh
  • Khalil Ahmed Kanhar
  • Rehana Panhwar
Keywords: Condensed tannin, total gossypol, gamma irradiation, jassid and resistance


The M5 generations of three cotton lines St-7, BNT and B-3 were irradiated with different gamma ray doses, i.e. 150, 200 and 250 Gy. The experiment was conducted in cages for determination of condensed tannin, total gossypol and population buildup of jassid, A. (devastans Dist.) biguttula biguttula (Ishida) during 2009. The physiological characters of parent cotton lines like condensed tannin and total gossypol were changed after the application of gamma rays. The mutant line B-3 irradiated with 150 Gy found comparatively susceptible to jassid infestation. Whereas, the lowest jassid population was recorded in mutant line B-3 treated with 250 Gy. In the leaves of susceptible cotton lines to jassid infestation had moderate amount of condensed tannin and total gossypol compounds. The correlation coefficient showed positive relations with the condensed tannin and total gossypol substances in all parents and their gamma irradiated (150, 200, 250 Gy) cotton lines against A. (devastans Dist.) biguttula biguttula (Ishida) populations. The linear regression analysis indicated that the minimum condensed tannin and total gossypol concentration are the most important factors for increasing the resistance level against jassid population build up.