Choosing Proper Power Device for Biomedical Equipment (Total Harmonic Destortion Analysis between Two, Three, Five, Seven and Nine Level Inverters Using Fiteration Scheme)

  • Sayed Hadi Hussain
  • Kaneez Fatima
  • Shafi Jiskani
Keywords: Biomedical engineering, Total Harmonic Distortion, Multilevel Inverter, Modified Multilevel Inverter,


Now a days, biomedical engineering, field service and other medical personnel must synchronize increasing regulatory guidelines, higher quality standards, and fast technological up grade while performing their task faster and more efficiently than ever before. To get those required outcomes we need to choose our devices and all parts of device carefully , those may cause better performance as per operation. Modified Sine Wave inverters are an option for most accurate device and are a good selection for an overall inverter. The multilevel inveters are the next level to obtain required output. They produce an AC waveform that’s near to a pure sine wave. Better on the stuff you power, and reasonably good efficacy wise. More over increment in the levels of multi-level inverter we can get the standard sin wave output but at the cost of switching complexity. 1.