Population Faluctuation of (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera) in Lower Sindh

  • Farheen Deeba Soomro
  • Riffat Sultana
  • Aafaque Ahmed Kerio
Keywords: Tenebrionidae, economic importance, pest,cosmopolitan, stored product. Tribolium castaneum


Family Tenebrionidae has great economic importance as it contains insect pest that are cosmopolitan in nature and most imperatively are associated with stored products. Darkling beetles are a large group of insects that belong to the family Tenebrionidae. Therefore, this study was under observation. During this survey a total of 100 specimens of Tenebrionidae were collected and sorted out into 04 species Viz: Tribolium castaneum (Herbst, 1797), Tribolium confusum (Jaquelin du Val, 1863), Trachyderma hispida(Forskal, 1775), Trachyderma lima (L. Petagna, 1819). However, it was noticed that more dominate genera were Trachyderma in this region. It was a first ever effort carried out from this region.