Some Lygaeid Bugs (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) of Tandojam

  • Ihsan Ahmed Magsi
  • Imran Khatri
  • Fahad Nazir Khoso
  • Razzak Amin Shah
  • Muhammad Umar Brohi
  • Zamin Hussain Dahri
Keywords: Seed bugs, milkweed bugs or ground bugs, Tandojam


For present studies specimens, of Lygaeidae were collected from various localities of Tandojam. Further examination and identification was carried out at Insect Systematic Laboratory, Department of Entomology, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam. In present study total 196 specimens of Family Lygaeidae Schilling, 1829 were collected from Tandojam. During the course of identification the material revealed the occurrence of 09 species under 3 subfamilies. Subfamily Lygaeinae Schilling, 1829 was discovered with the record of 7 species including; Spilostethus hospes (Fabricius, 1794), Spilostethus pandurus militaris (Fabricius, 1775), Spilostethus simla (Distant, 1909), Graptostethus servus (Fabricius, 1787), Oxycarenus hyalinipennis (Costa, 1843), Karachicoris sp. and Cosmopleurus fulvipes (Dallas, 1852). Subfamily Orsillinae Stål, 1872 with one species record; Nysius sp. and lastly subfamily Geocorinae Dahblom, 1851 was discovered with Geocoris ochropterus (Fieber, 1844).