Frequency of Abo Blood Groups in Normal Versus Post Menopausal Women in Hyderabad, Pakistan

  • Jamshed Warsi
  • Benazir Faheem
  • Latafat Ali Chughtai
  • Farzana Gul Baloch
  • Nimra Masood Baig
Keywords: Blood typing, Rh blood, Menopause, Prevalence


After discovering the genetic differences among humans in blood typing, pioneered by Landsteiner in 1901, the burgeoning importance to find out frequency of blood typing in different nationalities as well as in different times can not be denied due to its importance with the especial reference to disease transmission through blood and in banking/transfusion. Different types of blood are associated with different diseases. The aim of the study is thus to find out the frequency of blood typing in normal menstruating and post menopausal women as well as whether the menstrual status could cause a different frequency. To this end a cross sectional study was performed. The sample size (n) was 181, the age (range) of the participants were 40-60years. The prevalence of blood groups in normal menstruating versus menopausal female was found 12.7% and 11.0% in A blood typing, 19.9% and 18.8% in B blood typing, 3.3%and 6.1% in AB Blood typing and 13.8% and 14.3% in blood type O. Rh positive in normal female was 46.4% and 49.2% in menopausal women whereas Prevalence of Rh negative was 3.3% and 1.1%.The study shows the prevalence of blood typing in aforementioned groups and their possible association.