Wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae and Bradynobaenidae) From Quetta, Balochistan (Pakistan)

  • Saima Durrani
  • Imtiaz Ali Khan
  • Muhammad Ather Rafi
  • Gul Makai
  • Muhammad Qasim
  • Fariha Mengal
  • Muhammad Kamal Sheikh
  • Ghulam Rasul
  • Gulnaz Parveen
  • Quderat Ulllah
Keywords: Wasp, Bradynobaenidae, Macroocula, Vespidae, Quetta, Balochistan


This study revealed the wasps of family Bradynobaenidae and Vespidae, which were collected from different localities of Quetta and its vicinities and previously reported in literature. As a whole 28 species under 17 genera belonging to two families namely, Bradynobaenidae and Vespidae were identified. Family Bradynobaenidae along with its genus Macroocula and its two species, namely Macroocula morawitzi (Radoszkowski, 1888) and Macroocula savignyi (Klug, 1829) are reported first time from Balochisatan. Family Vespiade represented 26 species under 16 genera. Out of 26 species, One species belonging to subfamily Masarinae, 21 species of subfamily Eumeninae, two species of subfamily Polistinae and two species of subfamily Vespinae. While two species Polistes indicus Stolfa, 1934 and Polistes wattii Cameron, 1900 are recorded first time from Balochistan.