Insecticide Induced Resurgence Study of Whitefly in Cotton and Tomato

  • Abhijit Ghosal
  • Monilal Chatterjee
Keywords: Cotton, Insecticides, Resurgence, Tomato, Whitefly


Whitefly the tiny aleyrodid becomes the most notorious pest during past decades. High selection pressure and wide host range induced the insect to emerge more ferociously. The objective of this paper is to explore the effect of insecticides at lethal and sub-lethal dose on the population resurgence of whitefly infesting cotton and tomato. Field experiment was thereby conducted during rabi season of 2012-13 and 2013-14 to evaluate twelve insecticidal treatments along with an untreated control. No resurgence was noted after the application of insecticides at recommended dose in both the crop, but at sub recommended dose resurgence of population was noted in imidacloprid treated plots in both the crop (+2.02% & +9.84%). Upsurgence of population was also noted in dinotefuran and clothianidin treated plots. Tank mix of spiromesifen + imidacloprid was recorded lowest resurgence at its recommended dose (-99.22% & -97.74%), while at sub recommended dose sole use of spiromesifen recorded lowest (-80.90% & -73.54%).