Insect Fauna Associated with Green Pea Crop in Mansehra Disrict Kpk Pakistan

  • Sidra Khurshid
  • Falak Naz2
  • Kashif Haleem
  • Muhammad Kamal Sheikh
  • Muhammad Ather Rafi
  • Santosh Kumar
  • Saima Durrani
Keywords: Mansehra, Prevailing, Pest species, Predators, Dipterous, Butterflies


This research study was conducted in district Mansehra to dig out the insect fauna prevailing in the fields of Green Pea in different localities of District Mansehra. A total of 22 different insect species were collected belonging to 6 orders, 11 families and 22 genera. These include 2 pest species, 5 predator species and 14 pollinator species. Pest insect’s i-e Pea leaf Minor and Cow Pea aphid is more abundant than predators and pollinators. Among pest infestation of pea leaf minor was found more injurious with 34.90% than cow pea aphid (7.85%). Among predators Coccinella septumpunctata was found highly abundant 49.09% population. A reasonable amount of pollinators species (14) was found active in the pea cropping areas which include some important Dipterous flies and Butterflies.