Seasonal Monitoring of Bactrocera Spp. Through Installation of Methyl Eugenol Traps at Different Heights in Chiku Orchard

  • Sidra Riaz Hussain Chandio
  • Bhai Khan Solangi
  • Farman Ali Sipio
  • Shoaib Shah
  • Mansoor Ahmed Chhajro
  • Barkat Ali Bughio
  • Qudrat Ullah
Keywords: B. zonata, Traps, Heights, Methyl eugenol.


The particular study was conducted on different heights during 2016-17. Two species were identified. The results indicated that the highest number of fruit flies 103.60±24.75 B. zonata were recorded in the month of December 2016 at 2m height, whereas, the lowest number of flies captured 32.00±6.44 on 1m height and optimum population observed at ground surface. Furthermore, results are showed during the month of January, less population captured as compared to month of December. The results discussed that the concentration of methyl eugenol was use equal in all the Traps and the males were equally attracted in all the traps but the difference in total number of Adults captured among the different traps was only due to the variations in number of heights, and abiotic factors respectively. On the other hand, data pertaining that B. dorsalis is was minimum observed as compared to B. zonata at all treatments as well as 2m height was found favorable as compared to other treatments with (max/min 31 to 27oC and 46 to 40% RH), respectively. The correlation was 0.78, 0.78, 0.75, 0.72 and 0.78 noted on both species and it is also interesting to note that abiotic factors had a reverse impact on male capture in per trap. However, the correlation with humidity was negatively related for all the treatments. But the significant effect of temperature on B. dorsalis is observed negatively (p<0001).