Cibicides of Tiyon Formation, Kambhu Jabal, Lower Indus Basin, Sindh Pakistan

  • Humaira Naz
  • Shabab Ali Khan
Keywords: Tiyon formation, Kambhu Jabal, Middle eocene, Benthic biozone.


The biostratigraphical investigation of Kambhu Jabal section, Tiyon formation around laki range lower Indus basin Sindh on the basis of smaller benthic foraminiferal 7 species Cibicides browni, C. newmanae, C. westi, C. lobatulus and C. howelli, Cibicidoides alleni and Eponoides polygonus, belongs to super family Rotaliacea was carried out. According to modern shallow benthic biozone the exact age assigned to Tiyon formation is SBZ-13 (Early Lutetian). This data has been analyzed for first time.