Survey of the Superorder Dictyoptera Mantodea from Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Sadaf Fatimah
  • Riffat Sultana
  • Muhammad Saeed Wagan
Keywords: Mantodea, Sanghar, Empusidae, Liturgusidae, Mantidae, Tarachodidae.


This paper deals with the fauna of different species of Mantodea from different localities of Sanghar (district). A total of 16 species from 12 genera including (Blepharopsis, Empusa, Humbertiella, Deiphobe, Archimantis, Hierodula, Mantis, Stalilia, Polyspilota, Iris, Rivetina and Eremphilia belong to 05 families Mantidae, Tarachodidae, Empusidae, liturgusidae and Eremiaphilidae) were identified and presented. A comparison of Pakistani Mantodea’s fauna at global level was also done and six new regional record species were also found and presented here. During this study significant numbers were captured. It was also noticed that its predatory behavior has very important for reorganization of it’s as bio-control agent.