Effect of Some Insecticides on Green Lacewing, Chrysoperla Carnea (Stephens) Under Laboratory Conditions

  • Kamil Kabir Khanzada
  • Syed Ali Haider Shah
  • Riaz Hussain Chandio
  • Muhammad Irfan Jat
  • Hira Mannan Shaikh
Keywords: Toxicity, Chrysoperla carnea, Mortality, Egg hatching.


The present study was conducted at Department of Entomology, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, during 2016-2017. During this study six selected insecticides viz., Emamectin Chlorantraniliprole, Benzoate, Spinosad, Imidacloprid, Diafenthiuron and Thiamethoxam were used at recommended dose against of Chrysoperla carnea. Data were recorded on the egg hatchability, larval mortality, pupation percent, adult emergence and mortality of C. carnea. Imidacloprid was found less toxic with highest egg hatching % (86.67), while Thiamethoxam was found highly toxic with least egg hatchability (51.67). After 24 and 48 hours treatments of Chlorantraniliprole has recorded maximum mortality on treated eggs (26.67 and 46.67 %), and larvae (26.67 and 63.33 %), showing its toxic effects. On the other hand, the minimum mortality (3.33 and 6.67 %) was noted by Spinosad after 24 hours in both the conditions. But, after 48 hours, Imidacloprid registered the slightest mortality of 13.33 and 26.67 when fed on treated eggs respectively. In case of adult (male and female) mortality, Thiamethoxam registered complete mortality and Diafenthiuron caused least mortality after 48 hours of treatments.