Taxonomic Status of Tribe Sphingonotini (Oedipodinae: Acrididae) with Special Reference to its Phallic Complex

  • Barkat Ali Bughio
  • Santosh Kumar
  • Munaza Rajput
  • Fakhra Soomro
Keywords: Sphingonotini, Phallic complex, Taxonomy, Spermtheca, Tribe.


Genus Sphingonotus Fieber; was considered as agricultural pest. During present study 12 species and subspecies of this tribe were collected from different localities of Pakistan i-e S. savignyi Saussure, S. hussaini Baloch and Wagan, S. longipennis Saussure, S. nebulosis tokhai n. sp, S. balteatus himalayanus Uvarov, S. balteatus balucha Uvarov, S. sindhensis n. sp, S. akbari Wagan and Baloch, S. maculatues petraeus Bei-Bienko, S. rubescens afghanicus Mistchenko, S. rubescens subfasciatus Mistchenko and S. rubescens rubescens (Walker). These have been described with illustrations of phallic complex and description also provided. Presently the distribution of Sphingonotus and key characters of the genitalia such as Epiphallus with moderately wide bridge, narrow ancorae and bilobate lophi were given. Spermatheca is a coiled duct of ectodermal origin. It is of varying sizes and shapes. The spermatheca usually dilates to form a sac like structure, for storing the sperms which enter during copulation. On other hand the present study will make the unique support for new research workers in future.