First Record of Pelecypod Fossils from Dhok Pathan Formation, Hassnot Area, District Jhelum, Pakistan

  • Aamir Yaseen
  • Khalil-ur- Rehman
  • Muhammad Ahmad Farooqui
  • Mujeeb ur Rehman Khaskheli
Keywords: Pelecypod, Dhok Pathan Formation, Siwaliks, Hassnot.


Fresh water Pelecypod fossils were collected and identified from the Dhok Pathan Formation in the nearby area of Hassnot Village, District Jhelum, which is the first documentation of Pelecypods from this area. A total of 50 Pelecypod specimens were collected and 17 well preserved specimens were selected for present study. Data was compiled at genus level and arranged systematically. Present study indicates five Pelecypod genera Solemya sp., Nuculana sp., Macoma sp., Acila sp. and Litorhadia sp. belonging to three orders, two subclasses and four families. Preliminary taxonomic features of these five genera are described.