Morphometric studies of Dirhinus giffardii (Silvestri) and Aganaspis daci (Weld) from Tandojam

  • Naqash Akbar
  • Imran Akbar
  • Qadir Bux Pirzado
Keywords: Morphometric, Parasitoid, Larval, Pupal, Environmental Influence.


Investigations were made for morphometric studies on pupal parasitoid (D. giffardii) of fruit fly and larval parasitoid Aganaspis daci (Weld, 1951). Both males and females of Dirhinus giffardii Silvestri and Aganaspis daci were studied. Further, morphometric analyses of 15 specimens of each species were taken. Following 15 characters were selected i-e adult total length include wings, eyes width in cross, antenna length, head width mesoscutum, scutellum, following length hindwing, forleg, mid leg, hind-leg, abdomen length, abdomen width, aedeagus and ovipositor length. It was observed that males of D.giffardii are larger than males of A. Daci, Eyes of D. giffardii are bigger than A. Daco. Legs of A. Daciare larger than D. giffardii, ovipositor of A. daci is too long whereas D. giffardiiis much shorter in length the range of the size of laboratory population of the selected parasitoids is known .