Study on the Infestation of various Borers in Sugarcane from District Dadu Sindh

  • Abdul Aziz
  • Riffat Sultana
  • Santosh Kumar
  • Imran Khatri
Keywords: Pest, sugarcane, varieties, Chilo, infestation, quality, damage


During the present investigation weekly survey has been carried out in district Daud and the study area was divided into 05 different sectors where 04 varieties of sugarcane i-e: SPF-234, CPF-237, Thatta-10 and BL4 are grown in 08 sectors. During the field survey maximum infestation of 05 borers viz: stem borer (Chilo tumidicostalis), shoot borer (Chilo infuscatellus), Internode Borer (Chilo sacchariphagus indicus), top borer (Sciropophaga excerptalis) and root borer (Emmalocera depressella) was reported on cane. It was noticed that borers usually damage the cane and effect quantity, quality and reduce the sucrose of cane. The infestation belongs to the Chilo species is cause damage approximately 10 – 80% of cane and somewhere causing “dead heart “which low down the market value of crop.