Impact of Natural Diets on the Development and Morphometrics of Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) under Laboratory Conditions

  • Fida Hussain Magsi
  • Abid Ali Soomro
  • Aslam Bukero
  • Imran Ali Kumbhar
  • Syeda Maira Jaffery
Keywords: Chrysoperlacarnea, Natural diets, Development, Morphometric,


The study was conducted under laboratory conditions, in Bio-control Research Laboratory, Department of Entomology, Faculty of Crop Protection, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam during 2015-2016 to determine better artificial diets for mass rearing of C. carnea. The four natural diets Mustard, Akk, Cabbage aphid and Sitroga cercellela eggs were used. The results indicated that the maximum larval developmental period was recorded 5.5±0.6 of 1st instar larvae of C. carnea on akk aphid, whereas the shortest development was 2.25±0.3 days in 2nd instar on S. cerellela and mustard aphid, while the results further revealed that the highest development period of 3rd instar larvae observed 4.25±1.3 on akk aphid. The maximum pupal developmental time was recorded (7.0±1.1) on S. cerellela eggs followed by cabbage aphid (6.25±1.3), akk aphid (5.75±1.3), and mustard aphid (5.00±1.0) On the other hand the morphometric measurement of C. carnea highest length and breadth was at 1st instar 4.38±0.13 L/B 2.25±0.25mm 2nd instar 5.13±0.31 2.13±0.13mm and 3rd instar 6.88±0.31 2.88±0.13mm on S.cerellela eggs. The analysis of variance indicated that there was highly significant difference between the natural diets, and their larval, pupal, developmental, and morphometric stages on different aphid species.