Scope and Mission

The scope of International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities (IRJAH) spotlights on publication and promotion of theoretical and empirical research in arts, humanities and social sciences.
IRJAH being a multidisciplinary annual research journal encourages and accepts submission of manuscripts that are original, authentic, objective and analytical in nature in the areas of literature, language, linguistics, art, religion, history, philosophy, theatre, education, culture, development, media, sociology, psychology, archeology anthropology, and other related disciplines.
IRJAH also serves as an excellent platform for world academics and researchers to seek and maintain connections and collaborations with one another through publication interface, and interact in form of scholarly discourses; reflecting on relevant critical theories and latest practices aiming at further research engagement contributing to already available body of knowledge.
IRJAH also takes it as its academic and ethical mandate to facilitate both novice-most and senior-most researchers across the globe in general and in Pakistan in particular to publish and project their researches and thus disseminate most updated and innovative developments in their respective fields of interest and studies.