Editorial Note

It has somehow come to be a Herculean task to edit and publish a research journal in the present times in the face of increasing, incessant elevation of standards by Higher Education Commission Islamabad (Clarivate Analytics fine but now move on to Scopus and JCR for ranking—indexing and abstracting and Publons for reviewers, it advises), paucity of funds, scarcity of willing reviewers ready to do the desired deed at modest honorarium, and a never-ending lack of facilities we editors almost always have to put up with. Add to it, the need to press with the reviewers (who eventually agree to do the task) to accomplish it within the scheduled timeframe, the necessity to push authors to incorporate changes suggested by the reviewers and return manuscripts without being overdue with the set deadlines, the inevitable imperative to proofread contents to language and policy perfection. Last but not the least, put up patience to test with the publisher who you find on an all-time nagging trip, complaining about frequent power shut-downs, rising paper-purchase rates, escalating print costs and a tale of other such travails that get you think why in the name of hell you ever consented to become -- of all things in the world --- an editor of a research journal.
It is in such stressful times that IRJAH team has been able to bring out this 48th Number of the journal to your handsome hands.
IRJAH has survived for the last 57 years, and so it shall, in times to come. We are in no mood or mind to give up on it. We are at an advanced stage of setting our own journal website and winning Scopus and JCR ranking.
So, let us keep our fingers crossed for the best to ensue as we have also just successfully applied for Category "Y" through submitting request on HEC E-portal via online registration --- with all the optimism to win approval as we meet majority requirements and are working actively for the rest.
I avail this opportunity to extend profound thanks to Higher Education Commission, Islamabad for constant support, patronage and funding, Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh for being an inspiring leader in his capacity as proud Patron of the Journal and Prof. Dr. Hafiz Abdul Ghani Shaikh, Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Sindh for his guidance, cooperation and administrative support. I thank all national and foreign reviewers for evaluating articles. I also appreciate Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Mirani, Publication Officer for his all-time technical input and support.
Dr. Ghulam Ali Buriro