I understand that research becomes significant only after it is open, authentic, relevant, meaningful, productive and easily accessible. For, research is to benefit man. It is to add to the body of knowledge already available in the world. It is to transform human life to its better and improved version. It is to mitigate human misery. It is to make the world we inhabit not only a better but also a happier place to live in. Research is to know what pains man, why it does so; and how it could be healed. All this would be possible only when research gets showcased, projected, published, discussed, deliberated upon and brought before global public eyes. The research journals serve as excellent platforms to thus share human experiences, knowledge earned, issues explored, problems examined, phenomena investigated and the outcomes arrived at; first to bring man its benefits and next to stimulate further probe in the given areas.
I am indeed very glad to witness IRJAH accomplishing the above mission as it completes its around 50th year of publication without gap, break or discontinuation. Another fact to celebrate is that IRJAH is open and accessible to researchers from around the globe and from all provinces of Pakistan without any discrimination whatsoever.
As editor, I avail this opportunity to submit my sincere gratitude to the learned members of IRJAH Advisory Board, Review Board and Preliminary/Desk Review Committee for their immense help and insightful guidance towards raising quality bar and ensuring timely publication of the journal.
IRJAH Editorial Team, within its limited resources, is honestly and dedicatedly striving to enhance the standard of the journal in terms of content, quantity, quality, review process, transparency and fairness. I am confident that IRJAH will not only sustain itself in the face of research-bench-mark challenges presented by modern-day emphasis on adherence to best practices but will also thrive to a point of pride in the years to follow.
I avail this opportunity to extend profound thanks to Higher Education Commission, Islamabad for constant support, patronage, and guidance, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, Worthy Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh, Jamshoro for being an inspiring leader in his capacity as proud Patron-in-Chief of the Journal and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khan Sangi Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Sindh for his guidance, cooperation and moral support. I thank all national and foreign reviewers for evaluating articles. I also appreciate Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Mirani, Publication Officer for his all-time technical input and support.

Dr. Saira Niaz