“Sassui” the True Seeker of God

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Dr. Abdul Ghani Shaikh
Dr. Zain-ul-Abdin Sodhar
Hashaam Faek Mo’Shashaa


The mystic poetry has its peculiar canons of evaluation. The mystic poets throughout universe have applied different standards to evaluate the depth of the love of a true seeker. Though their mapping process might have some difference but the locus standi has remained uniform. They all agreed that a true Sufi won’t have the ascendency to the title, till it couldn’t climb the seventh stage of communion (Fina- fillah). When they ascend the stage of Fina- fillah, their accomplishment as a true Sufi is celebrated. Sassui is also one of such character of the mystic school of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. She is highly esteemed character, which has undergone all the standards obligatory for a true seeker. Shah Abdul latif Bhittai portrayed her mission in five different aspects to fully acquaint world that how a pious instinct endeavors and bear hardships to ascend the true place where spiritual comfort and soothe is obtained by immersing his or her physical entity with communion to the lord. This is the sum of their endeavors to attain their lord. Sassui- the noble character of Shah Abdul latif Bhittai is such an immaculate character to be read, she guises herself in different aspects of Dessi, Mazoori, Abri, Kohyari and Hussani to vindicate that attainment of lord is never an easy game for a true seeker, its silts soul, crunches body and dither all. This all helps one to ascend the pyre of love to attain their true love, which is to the Sufi school of thought is no one else but true lord. No matter it may have number of metaphorical semblances but He is the one, eternal and omnipotent.

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