Effectiveness of Private English Medium Schools in the Development of English Language Skills

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Dr. Muhammad Akram Ansari
Ghous Bakhsh Jokhio
Dr. Muhammad Rafique Qambrani


The overall purpose of the research was to study the effectiveness of private English Medium Schools in development of English language skills. The scope of the study was limited to the private institutions of district Khairpur. The study specially focused on English language skills at the intermediate level. A major hypothesis was formulated. The extensive literature review was done. The overall strategy was survey. The population of study was comprised of English language teachers of private and public institutions imparting education up to the 12th grade, affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sukkur. Stratified random sampling was chosen. The overall sample size was 60 English language teachers. A questionnaire and an interview protocol were designed as research instruments. Data were analyzed and it was concluded that effectiveness of Private institutions in developing English language skills was commendable. The success of private institutions lies in the fact that their students were exposed to English language frequently. The effective and modern teaching methods were being used in private institutions. It paved the way for their overall success in the examinations. Almost every year the students of private institutions are top scorer, leaving behind the public institutions.

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