Evaluation of Quality of Education in Secondary Schools of Sindh Province

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Ms. Mumtaz Khowaja
Prof. Dr. Parveen Munshi


The current study examines the program given for the quality of education in various Five year plans and its implementation at secondary school level in Sindh province. Secondary school education is the foundation upon which the economic, social and political development of a country depends. The overall methodology is based on survey research design. All the Heads of Government Secondary schools of Sindh province were taken as the population of the study and a sample of n = 800 respondents were drawn randomly. Data was tabulated and analyzed statistically using the percentage factor. The findings of the study show that, the importance of quality education has been realized since the birth of the country, but the actual situation is averagely well in some of the urban areas while it is gloomy especially in rural areas of the province. Recommendations include involvement of general public right from the grass root level to implementers in planning process while Local government should made responsible for the provision of actual data regarding availability, access, enrolments, outcome of the students, physical and teaching facilities, as well as present and required resources etc.

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