An Analysis of the Trend of Muslims to Communicate their Faith Tradition to their Children in Pakistan

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Zain Ul Abdin Sodhar
Abdul Ghani Shaikh
Khair-un-Nisa Sodhar


Adapting a life according teachings of Islam is faith. Merely believing without following Islam is not a true faith. Faith is believing and acting on basic elements of Islam. The process of communication of faith tradition in Pakistan is activity based. It is based on the learning by doing philosophy. For children, the communication of faith starts from home. The child comes in this world with empty mind. The parents and other family members write the experiences of Islam on this empty mind. It is the basic instinct of every child that he learns by copying. In the beginning he copies his mother, father and other family members. While looking at his parents following Islam, he learns the art to follow Islam. He tries to do what his parents do themselves and ask him to do. To him his parents are role model because they say what they do. The life, behavior, actions and advice of parents to child is the initial level of faith communication. As the child grows, he goes out in the society, where again he observes his elders, friends, colleagues, scholars and other society members following Islam. The informal education, taking place in the society, communicates faith and tradition of Islam. As he attains the age of school, he is taught formally all the basic elements of faith. The logical and rational teaching learning in educational institutions influences the character of child. Modern media like newspapers, radio, television and internet have also opened the doors of wisdom and knowledge for the children to believe and act the teachings of Islam.

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