Introducing Tawali’ al-Anwar: A Commentary on Durr al-Mukhtar

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Noor Ahmed Chandio
Noor Ahmed Chandio
Dr. Bashir Ahmed Rind


This paper introduces and explores a profound manuscript on Fiqh Hanafi named ‘Tawali al-Anwar: A Commentary on Durr al-Mukhtar’ written by Sheikh, Muhaddith, Imam, Mohammad Abid al-Sindhi alAnsari. He is a famous and profound scholar within South Asia and beyond. Like al-Suyuti, al-Ghazali and Shah Waliullah, he worked almost in every field of Islamic sciences. In view of the significance of this work produced in the field of Fiqh Hanafi, which is largely followed in this region, this paper explores the manuscript to bring forth to researchers in the field of Fiqh Hanafi. This manuscript is one of his last and the biggest works of the author which took him ten years to complete. In-Depth study of the present manuscript clearly shows author’s skills of analysis and reasoning in the field of jurisprudence and Islamic Law.

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