Impact of Teaching Techniques on the Performance of Learners in Pakistan

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Allahdino Abro
Muhammad Akram Ansari
Naseem Qaisrani


English, being an international medium of communication, is highly valued in Pakistan. It is being taught as a secondary language in all the schools of Pakistan from class one onward. The performance of learners in English is directly connected with teaching techniques. The basic objective of this study was the analysis of impact of teaching techniques on the performance of learners. The population of the study was all the teachers and students of Pakistan, while the access population was delimited to teachers and students of Hyderabad. A sample of 535 students and 26 teachers was selected from access population through random stratified sampling technique. The data were collected through survey method and questionnaire instrument. It was found that there was very strong positive correlation between teaching techniques and performance of learners in English. No significant difference was found in the mean scores between students and teachers regarding teaching techniques. However, the students and teachers were not satisfied with teaching techniques. Teaching techniques employed by teachers were very old, conventional and ineffective. There was no common use of modern technology and AV aids like computers in teaching. Less trained teachers, having no access to AV aids, used only traditional methods in classroom teaching. Less focus was given on teaching of reading but more emphasis was given on the completion of course from examination point of view. Consequently, students took less interest in reading process. The suggestions of the study are presented at the end of this paper.

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