Modelling the Relationship of Unclear Career Development with Job Dissatisfaction, Job Stress and Employees’ Turnover Intention: Structural Equation Modelling Approach

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Javed Ahmed Chandio
Ashique Ali Jhatial
Rafia Mallah


Drawing upon primary data gathered through self-administered questionnaire from banking and IT sectors, this study presents key factors that cause turnover intentions among talented employees in organisations. Structural equation modelling (SEM) technique employed in the study helped researchers predict that lack of clear career development and generates job dissatisfaction which causes job stress in employees and they begin thinking to quit the organisation. This study reveals interrelationship among the factors stated above and contributes structural model to predict causes of employee turnover at work. Study offers policy implications for decision-making quarters to provide clear path of employee career development in the organisation to enhance job satisfaction which reduces job stress and turnover intention at work.

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