Exploring the Place of Creative Writing in the Literary and Educational Landscape of Pakistan

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Komal Ansari


The formulation of a pedagogical praxis in the teaching of creative writing has been a vibrant research areafor some years now. Yet, despite a remarkable increase in the writing courses offered at college level all over the globe, there has been little research concerning how creative writers can actually contribute to facilitate the process of skill development in higher education learners, or how the experience of creative writing practice by literature teachers might influence their own methods of instruction, especially in Pakistan. In an effort to institutionalize the establishment of creative writing as an academic field, especially in the context of current university education, there has emerged a variety of distinct practices and strategies attempted by scholars in different parts of the world. Keeping in accord with the need for the institutionalization of creative writing as an academic discipline, as proposed by Harper & Kroll (2008), this article addressesthe necessity for research in creative writing studies, and the implications thereof.

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