Significance of Power and Politics: Its Influence on Organizational Behavior Towards Efficacy

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Aftab Ahmed Mangi
Yasmin Yousif Pardesi
Hakim Ali Kanasro


Organizational behavior is immediately concerned with the theoretical and human side of management. Manager can influence the behavior in pursuing to reach organizational effectiveness and it is true that the Power and politics are human aspects of behavior and necessary drives of results in organizations. Politics is always concerned with power and power is defined as the ability to influence the existing energy or resources for definite goals and objectives. Organizational politics is known as exploration of person agenda; in an organization without observe result on the organizations. It must be understood that the modern organizations are mostly political systems; some very specific strategies can be identified to help members of organization to maintain their power base. Previous literature on the topic of organizational behavior has highlighted the significance of group, interactive behavior, informal organizations, communication, conflict, and leadership. Power and politics have not obtained sufficient response to be known as a significant vibrant in the organizational behavior. Max Weber defined Power influence behavior as the probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his own will despite confrontation”. Fred Luthans, (1983) said that the essential issue of today’s management is with the use of skill and people to accomplish the organizational goals effectively. Barett and Bass (1976) said that the industrial and organizational psychology is equipped within exclusive cultural perspective. Etzioni (1968) stated three bases of Power. This observation also decreases the variables to clarify organizational behavior. The major issue is the decreasing output in the organization and the good management is needed to handle it, if the organization is effective in producing goods and services is considered as successful. This research paper is an effort to study the significance of power and politics in organizational behavior as backing elements in organizational competence and success. 

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