Which Leadership Style to use? An Investigation of Conducive and Non-Conducive Leadership Style(s) to Faculty Job Satisfaction

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Muhammad Amin
Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah
Ayaz Muhammad Khan


The paper aims to investigate which leadership style(s) is/are more conducive and which can be a barrier to faculty job satisfaction in a Pakistani public university context. The study adopted qualitative approach to generate in-depth qualitative data. Fifteen faculty members were interviewed from five campuses out of total thirteen units of the chosen public university. The findings highlight that the participative leadership style and the behaviours associated with transformational style and the first dimension (contingent reward) of transactional leadership are perceived as conducive to faculty job satisfaction. Whereas, the practice of authoritative and laissez-faire leadership styles and the lack of exercise of leadership behaviours related to transformational and transactional (first dimension only) leadership are considered to be barriers to faculty job satisfaction. A cautious use of the findings is suggested because of the context specific nature of the leadership and its practices.

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