Demerits of Exchange Marriages in Sindh

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Shamim Soomro
Farah Lalani
Misbah Bibi Qureshi


This paper discusses the ‘Demerits of Exchange Marriages in Sindh’ which is indeed one of the burning social issues of Pakistan. The paper begins with introduction and explanation about the phenomenon of Exchange Marriages, followed by its prevalence around the world. Then the paper quotes a few statistics regarding the existence of this social evil in Pakistan and particularly rural Sindh. After that, the causes for the prevalence of Exchange Marriages in Sindh are discussed. The primary causes include: desire for balance of power, economic reasons, illiteracy, and Feudal and Jirga system. Following that, the effects of exchange marriages are discussed which include domestic violence, estrangement, depression and violation of rights. A brief case from interior Sindh is discussed, after which a set of recommendations is proposed. The main recommendations comprise: improving literacy, demolishing feudal and Jirga system, discontinuing practices such as dowry, and strict legislation with enforcement.

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