Multinational Franchised Restaurants in Pakistan: An overview and analysis

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Javed Ahmed Chandio
Rafia Mallah
Ghulam Ali Buriro


Multinational franchise restaurants are common in the developed world. The trend though late has started in Pakistan. Some major chain restaurants were introduced during the nineties while others later. We have taken three major ones for our study. These are: KFC, McDonald and Pizza Hut. We developed hypotheses which have been tested through primary survey. It has been found that multinational franchised restaurants are clustered in localities having high to middle income group. In terms of clientele almost 95% of the total respondents were from middle to upper income group. The respondents consider multinational franchised restaurants more hygienic as compared to local ones. The quality of services was also considered better in comparison to local restaurants. The multinational franchised restaurants were considered as a status symbol the majority of the respondents.

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