Code-Switching in Television Talk Shows and its Impact on Viewers

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Muhammad Abdullah
Ghulam Ali Buriro


This study is an attempt to explore the public opinion about code switching in TV talk shows. Satellite TV channels are the most effective and successful source of mass communication in the era. They can be used for motivation or demotivation, guidance or misguidance, education or propaganda as well as making the public opinion. And the language or the medium of communication is very much important in this regard. It would be absolutely right to say that language is the “soul” of communication. Code switching is nowadays very common in radio and TV programs, especially talk shows. This research work is meant to address the public opinion especially of the educated class in this regard. A particular class from the general public is selected as respondents for this purpose. The data is collected through questionnaire. It is analysed with respect to positive and negative effects of code switching. And it is further concluded in the findings.

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