Sufism: A Path to Human Security

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Imran Ali Sandano
Syed Faisal Hyder Shah
Irfan Ahmed Shaikh


The „human security‟ scholarship has attracted much attention since the 1994 UN human development report and then, its slogan “freedom from fear and freedom from wants” became famous worldwide. Human security refer to a kind of security that does not focus on either the traditional security nor even on the expanded nontraditional security, both of which are concerned first with the entity of the state. It focuses instead on the importance of protecting the well-being of the human race—not just the security of one‟s own people, but of all cutting-across distinctions and boundaries of nationality and ethnicity, class and culture, gender and religion. Currently religious extremism, terrorism, racialism, communal violence and sectarian clashes have threatened peace and prosperity. On the other hand environmental degradation, infectious diseases, illegal drugs‟ trafficking, economic crises, irregular migration and poverty have become common phenomenon which need to be tackled on priority basis. This study argues that Sufism is a source for human security. The Sufi ideology is combination of spiritual material and philosophical world views which is capable of sharing the torch of the way of peace, good character, and the balance for everyone. Sufism is an alternative source of human security and it has capability to provide constructive pathways for safeguarding humanity.

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