Sociological analysis of issues faced by domestic working women: A case study of Hyderabad, Sindh

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Shabana Tunio
Ghazala Shoukat
Shakeela Shah


This research paper explores the social and economic problems of domestic workers in Sindh. Study intends to achieve the following objectives to find out the social problems of domestic working women’s life and to know the economic problems faced by domestic working women. Qualitative research approach is adopted. Data is collected through focus group discussion. Thematic Data analysis technique is applied to draw the Result of FGD. Social problems that are faced by domestic working women are harassment in the houses where they work, in streets and by the owners of houses that they have rented. Domestic working women do extra work which is not paid, blamed of stealing things, insulted if they go on leave. Even at their homes not respected. Under economic problems theme women are faced with issues like all salaries are taken by husbands or fathers, for their expenses they have to do extra work, borrow money, are ask for money in charity. In spite of, doing work day and night women feel dependent on men. At the end recommendations are forwarded as (i) domestic work is also employment not slavery so they must be given right to work as defined by UDHR. Right to periodic leaves, fixed working hours for each activity (ii) people who keep domestic workers to serve them have to ensure them favorable working conditions. (iii) Harassment is issue of all working women so the domestic workers, should be treated strictly. (iv) adult education programs, programs on awareness on women rights can help to solve socio-economic problems of domestic working women. (v) Government, especially ministry of women affairs should formulate such a legislation that protects domestic worker women.

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