Assessing the Role of Motivation in Enhancing Teachers’ Performance

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Mansoor Ahmed Soomro
Ghulam Ali Buriro
Aftab Ahmed Charan


It is pertinent to accept the responsibility that teacher motivation can play a constructive role in imparting knowledge and cultivating communication skills among pupils in education setup. A well-motivated teacher can shoulder his responsibilities in an efficient manner and achieves his goals within the given time frame. This study has been conducted to investigate the role of motivation in enhancing teachers’ performance in private schools of Khairpur city. Particularly the research is intended to identify motivation indicators; investigate factors that influence teachers’ performance and evaluate the impact of motivation on teachers’ performance as well. A quantitative approach was used to conduct the study, data was collected through a survey questionnaire consisted of four variables three were independent namely Remuneration, Working Behavior, Advancement, and one dependent variable was Teachers Performance. The findings reveal that teachers are performing their duties with high morale, apart from their duties, other activities are also being performed by them like different weekly and monthly tests, participation in other school activities. The research recommended increments in teachers’ salaries to enhance their performance, to appreciate and recognize good work, to match higher living standards. Furthermore, research also recommends providing modern facilities and utilization of available facilities to teachers for accomplishing defined goals.

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