Measuring female contribution in urban poverty reduction: A perspective from informal sector

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Abida Hafeez
Shazia Shahab Shaikh
Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi


The study focuses on the female contribution in urban poverty reduction through informal activities. The objective of the study is to measure female contribution in household budget through informal employment opportunities. The universe of the study is the slum areas of Hyderabad District. The data is analyzed through ordinary least square method and descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics shows that young women contribute more in income earning activities and their contribution in the household budget rises gradually as their income rises. Burden of poverty, one of the most important variables has a significant effect on contribution of women. It is suggested that government should formulate policies relevant to informal employment opportunities of women and minimum wage legislation. Program should be initiated in order to enhance the skills of women and provide opportunities and credit facilities as well. Comprehensive labor legislation is required to ensure female workers’ economic rights.

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