Material adaptation in London Road from English for Undergraduates by Howe, Kirkpatrik

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Faiza Khaskheli
Qurratulain Sardar
Shabana Muhammad Anwar


This study aims at examining the material and use of material adaptation techniques in unit # 09 “London Road” from English for Undergraduates by D.H. Howe, T.A. Kirkpatrick and D.L. Kirkpatrick. This book is taught in Government or private non-elite universities of Pakistan. The contents of the study are patterned by using Critical Discourse Analysis as a tool. The study inquires whether the content of Oxford University Press fulfills the requirements of students or not. If it really fulfills then why the students are not capable of using English in real life. The study unit is modified and analyzed by using Adaptation techniques according to Communicative Language Teaching approach.

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