Determining the Factors that Intensify Oral Communicative Anxiety: A Case Study of Students of IELL, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

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Shabana Sartaj
Syed Razaq Amin Shah


Besides the low English language proficiency, lack of confidence, hesitation, English spoken anxiety plays vital role in the upsurge of oral communication. The state of anxiety is related with notion of uneasiness that emerges as a variable of hindrance in oral communication in English language. The current study was carried out to identify the factors that cause apprehension in oral communicative competence. For that purpose, the data was gathered from 123 participants of IELL (Institute of English Language and Literature). A close-ended questionnaire with five point Likert scale comprised of 21 items was used as an instrument for this research. The data was analyzed through SPSS, applying descriptive statistics. The findings revealed that teachers’ behavior, teaching methods, peer discouragement, fear of assessment or correction are the main factors of oral communicative anxiety.

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