The Beauty of Literature lies in Figures of Speech: A Case Study of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of Ancient Mariner

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Faiz Muhammad Brohi
Ahmed Ali Brohi
Komal Ansari


The aim and objective of this research paper is to analyze the role and function of figures of speech in Coleridge’s Rime of Ancient Mariner. The art of a writer makes his/her work sublime. Coleridge’s art of narration and themes seem to be elevated and universal due to using figures of speech. The writer makes events or coincidences magical and systematic, because he has mastery over figures of speech. In this paper, the psychology of a reader brought close to the event where the reader becomes the follower of a writer due to his art of using figures of speech. Besides, figures of speech, Coleridge uses Willing Suspension of disbelief where the writer puts a layer on the eyes of readers or audience to believe in writer’s art of depicting scenes with suspense that becomes possible for the writer because of mastery over figures of speech. This study is purely qualitative; the tool in analyzing the text is close reading figures of speech and text itself. The existing literature helps readers to know the role and function of figures to read and analyze the figures in texts on the one hand, on the other, the researcher analyses figures with the help of cited writers concerning Coleridge’s Rime of Ancient Mariner. The purpose of this paper is to show interest in figures of speech through which literature becomes sublime and universal as Coleridge does.

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