Implications of the triumph of market- based model for democracy in mass media: An Analytical Study

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Hassan Latif
Sohail Ahmed Ansari
Waheed Ahmed Abbasi


The aim of the paper was to highlight the distinction between the public sphere models and market based model of mass media in order to understand the behavior of the media working either on profit directed or nonprofit directed perspective. Market based model was discovered to have trumped the public sphere model in recent times. This paper examined the implications, in the light of various studies, of the triumph of the market based model. Media, working according to market-based model, were found to be promoting trivial news items, disregarding the importance of news, and considering the brutality and violation of benchmark importantance for determining the worth of news items. The market-based model was found to be entrenched more firmly in entertainment- driven media, allowing commercial concern to shape the script of dramas and movies. The market-based model was found to be responsible for creating the wave of a crime and moral panic and developing fear for crimes. This paper examined the implications of the triumph of media that ‘sell’ to underscore that rather than having media that ‘sell’, media that are orientated to the public welfare.

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