An Eco-critical Study of Shaikh Ayaz’s Poetry

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Muhammad Hassan Shaikh
Rubina Shaheen


Literature reflects human behavior and depicts the natural surroundings in which it is penned. It is believed that the environment occupies a big deal of description in various forms of literature viz. novels, short stories, biographies, autobiographies, dramas, prose, poetry, etc. as it is the part and parcel of human life. The present research paper attempts to investigate ecocriticism in the poetry of Shaikh Ayaz, a major voice of the 20th Century Sindhi poetry. Ecocriticism is described as the study natural world. It shows a cemented relationship between literature and the environment. It is observed that no writer is ever detached from his environs. Likewise Shaikh Ayaz has portrayed natural surroundings, in his poems, artistically and aesthetically. The method of textual analysis has been used to carry out the current study. The findings exhibit that Shaikh Ayaz has employed an ample use of ecocriticism to make his poetry rich with natural beauty and the depiction of landscapes.

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