An Evaluation of the Problems in the Way of Teaching English and their Effect on Students' Performance at Higher Secondary School Level in Hyderabad

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Syed Sharaf Ali Shah
Saleha Parveen


Dominance of English language is evident in every realm of the society in Pakistan. English is used as the official language in the country and therefore taught as compulsory subject in all the schools. But teaching learning of English is faced with numerous problems which not only disrupt the process of teaching but also degrade its quality. The basic aim of this study is to evaluate the problems in way of teaching English and their effect on students’ performance. Applying random stratified technique, a sample of 708 students and 20 teachers was selected from the target population delimited to Hyderabad. The data were collected through questionnaire and analyzed through percentages, Chi-Square, t-test and regression. The annual examination result of sampled 708 students has also been obtained to make the comparison. The findings of the study revealed that there were serious problems in the way of teaching English as subject and performance of students / quality of teaching was significantly affected by those problems. The average performance of students (score in annual examination) in English subject was only 55% due to multiple problems existing over there. Facing same problems, the teaching quality of both male and female teachers in terms of students’ performance was alike in the same area but urban area male and female teachers performed better than rural area male and female teachers due to better facilities and less problems. The study was rounded off with suggestions that concerned authorities should take a holistic approach towards managing the problems which influence the process of teaching English at higher secondary school level.

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